Active once more. ..

Hello again everyone.

Our server has been through quite a lot since the last announcement I've made. I would like to make a few more posts throughout the day to explain everything properly. Most importantly though, we are active on the server once more. Everyone is welcome, bring your friends and let's get back to building!!

October Announcement: Third Annual Halloween Town Event & MORE






  • Halloween Town 3rd Annual Event: This is indeed Trinity's Third Annual Halloween Town event. This themed area is by far the most popular out of any other holiday so far. We are glad to host this event once more and hope to see everyone contribute to the ever growing spookiness~ The town is open as of now to any who wish to build there. Use the telepads at spawn or just type the command /warp halloweentown.
  • Halloween Themed Blind Building Contests: So to kick off even more blind building contests we will be doing a Halloween theme and place only themes that pertain to the holiday and pick one at random, once chosen the participants will have an hour and a half to complete their builds. No one will be able to see the others until the competition is over, then the walls will come down and everyone will judge each others' work on a 10 point scale. These contests will be held on October 12, 19, and 26 @ 12:00 PM PST
  • Pumpkin Carving Contests: This year we wanted to add a little something new to our Halloween event line-up so we decided to have some pumpkin carving contests. We will have several pumpkin shapes to choose from and each participant will be in charge of coming up with their own design under the time limit. The contest dates are October 11, and 25 @ 6:00 PM PST
  • Trini Ideas: Trini has grown very popular and to celebrate we are going to commission MORE TRINI PIX! As you can see from the top of this post we have added a holiday Halloween Trini to our collection. I plan on making a Tumblr blog just for Trini and have her give out information regarding the server.
  • Halloween Scavenger Hunt: We will be hosting this event on October 27 12:00 PM PST It is a completely new event with fun puzzles and riddles.
  • NOTE: Keep in mind those who win these contests will receive in game rewards and select few will receive a Trini commission of their choosing.



  • Halloween Town 3rd Annual Event
  • Halloween Themed Blind Building Contests (see post for details)
  • Pumpkin Carving Contests (see post for details)
  • Trini Ideas
  • Halloween scavenger hunt


Recent Events: World Guard, PvP, Cake Cupboard, Pixel Heaven, & More...

E8GUcyZ.png~August Events~sAdPzC4.png?1

=End of the Month Recap=



  • World Guard - So griefers have been visiting often recently and even though it is as easy as "ctl z" to undo their work, it would be best to cut them off from the get go. We have installed World Guard  to further protect the creative world. New players are able to build in survival and pvp as soon as they join Trinity; however, they will not be able to build in the creative world, only explore it. They will be given permission to build in the creative world after a period of time.
  • Warp Points -  Due to popular demand we have now added warp points to simplify your travel in the creative world. Telepads are still available but if you wish to access a particular place all you need to do is type /warp to view which areas we have set up. (command ex. /warp fairytaleland)
  • PVP News - More violence, vengeance, and vacant bases here in the PVP world. Many bases have been completely ruined and raided. The admin bases have still remained undiscovered ;P To celebrate the success of adding the PVP world we have a new look for Trini:
  • ZfLa7Bf.png
  • Cake Cupboard - On our one year anniversary we held a few contests to reward those who have been a part of our server in it's earliest stages. When the contest was concluded I found the area too good to pass up. So I named the area Cake Cupboard and decided it would be another addition to the creative themed areas. It has been made accessible via warps as well as telepad!
  • Pixel Heaven Updates - We have added some new changes to the entrance to Pixel Heaven. We wanted to add more to the overall look.
  • Contests - The previous contests were such a big hit that we've decided to have more! They will be the same type, blind and random builds selected last second. We will be holding more contests with our new horse racing tracks as well.
  • September Events - The next two blind building contests will be held next month on 9/7/13 and 9/14/13. More information as we approach those dates. The next horse racing contests will be held 9/19/13 and  9/26/13.
  • Forum Usage - I want this forum to be used much more than before. I will be much more active on the forums as well as promoting it's usage. I plan to make announcements like this in the future where I recap and plan ahead.






-World Guard plugin added

-Warp points available do /warp ingame

-PvP successful and new Trini imgaes

-Cake Cupboard newest themed area

-Pixel Heaven entrance updated

-Contests are proving successful plan on doing more

-9/7/13 & 9/14/13 = blind building contests 9/19/13 & 9/26/13 = horse racing contests

-Please use the forum more thank you <3

So you liked Mob Catcher did ya!?

Hey what's up guys, Admin Danni here just informing everyone on the server that I'm going to be bringing back a few oldie plugins such as lockette and Mob Catcher,since both of these plugins were easier to use and more reliable than the ones that were already on essentials. Also we will start using the warp command to help with transferring in between worlds such as Creative and Survival. Please stay tuned for more, and if anybody has any questions, feel free to leave comments or send me a PM.

Recent Events, Prideville, PVP Grand OPENING, and more

Recent Events





Trinity would just like to thank everyone for participating in June's themed land "Prideville", which celebrated the diverse sexual orientations of our members. We proudly support all of our members.






We are proud to present out PVP map's grand opening and welcome all players to join us for the fun. Remember the only safe zone on this map is the spawn and the rest is fair game. Griefing on this map is not penalized and killing admins are welcomed, bring it!!




More to come:


Well currently it is July, so we are opening up our themed land for this month to celebrate the 4th of July. All are welcomed to build some 'murica' themed builds. We do have more fun builds in progress as well, and would love to have you all to join in on them. Thanks for playing Trinity~

Pueblo de Mayo!

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo we have opened the location:


Pueblo de Mayo!


It's filled with many cultural creations and information to bring in the fun of Cinco de Mayo!


We will be having games as well so feel free to join us on this fun occasion



Website Revamp!

Thanks to the very talented Spuznik, we now have a very lovely site look.


We have featured Trini as our mascot!


More Trini poses will be released by the wonderful artist Lemonfont.


Thank you everyone for being a part of Trinity!

Server UPDATED!!

Just a friendly reminder that the server has been completely updated to 1.5!!


So feel free to update safely to get onto the server!





The Easter Egg hunt will be prepared for tomorrow!!

Sunday Updates!!

So today a few things are on the Agenda!


First of all we have a new sign for Fairytale Land as seen here:



Next we will be getting drunk with our spiked milk!


There is a new pub in Spring City to celebrate Saint Patty's Day!

Spring City

Hello everyone!


Just to let everyone know we have officially opened SPRING CITY for the first time!


Come on over to decorate the lovely new land in all things SPRING themed. Add some Easter fun, or Saint Patty's Day spirit to the land!


Everything pastel is more than appreciated ^,^ even add your very own decorated egg with whatever surprise inside ^,^


The telepad has been set up and you can get to Spring City by going into the Holiday Portal Room


We will have an Easter Egg hunt coming up as well! This will be announced once the event area is built!






I understand that Easter goes between both APRIL and MARCH and it just happened to land in MARCH this year. Next year will be different, but we can worry about that later XD




Luv Land ~Open~

Luv Land is open once again and ready for additions!


Please feel free to visit and add to the land with anything love themed. You can access this area by going to the Holiday Portal Room and using the Februrary telepad.


:wub:  Even consider making a valentine's surprise for that special someone :wub: